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Valtra BC7500 Injector Testing


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Guide To Buying A Used Semi

Here at Diesel Truck Parts we present to you a sort’ve GUIDE to buying a used semi. After determining the price you can pay and what semi would suit your projected needs the next steps are critical if you want to successfully buy a used semi that will last you for years to come. And of course, ultimately make you and your family money!


  • First, determine your truck requirements like what loads will you be hauling
  • Figure out your budget and whether you can afford to pay cash or you may have to finance all or part of the semi truck purchase.
  • Once you have the above 2 items you can begin to narrow down your options
  • Then when you find a few good examples that will suit your needs. Do your due diligence by finding all the information you can on the big rigs to include the trucks history and also and more importantly its current condition.
  • Determine your insurance needs and any and all licenses that may be required
  • If you will be an owner-operator you need to begin on the right foot with your taxes as YOU will be responsible solely for that part of your new trucking business.

DIESEL RIGS are made nowadays to get a millions of miles or more. So the current mileage is very important since at some point you will need an inframe (complete overhaul of the drivetrain) or to replace the drivetrain to include the engine, transmission etc.

Factor this in to your choices once you narrow them down! You may get a great deal on a truck that needs updating or service by doing the work yourself or if you have a close buddy that is a diesel mechanic. Dont rule any rigs out because of that. You can have a really nice rig if you can work on it yourself initially. And of course we are always here to help you with your DIESEL PARTS NEEDS!

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Semi-truck loses kegs on highway!

On April 10th at around 9am a semi-truck in Pennsylvania carrying Kegs to Delaware went over an off ramp onto I-95. The diesel powered semi truck was deemed a total loss and the kegs went all into the highway.

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Borg Warner To Introduce Integrated EGR Framework

BorgWarner has consented to supply its most EGR framework to a worldwide vehicle creator. Highlighted in one of the OEM’s motors, BorgWarner’s answer plans to lessen NOx discharges for many diesel vehicles.

“We are cheerful to grow our association with this all inclusive eminent car creator as a Tier 1 provider of decision for a wide scope of vehicles,” said Joe Fadool, president and general chief, BorgWarner Emissions and Thermal Systems.

“With our most recent incorporated EGR framework, BorgWarner takes care of altogether expanding demand for effective and clean advancements for ignition applications. Providing clients with one complete module rather than single segments fortifies our situation as a main provider for warmth trade advancements.”

BorgWarner’s EGR framework is an inside-the-motor technique to fundamentally decrease NOx outflows by recycling a controllable extent of the fumes gas once again into the admission air.

The framework decreases NOx discharges through improved warmth retention just as bringing down oxygen focus inside the burning chamber, bringing about lower top barrel temperatures.

With the capacity to oppose high warm loads, then propelled across the board arrangement empowering expanded productivity and tough execution even with negligible coolant stream. The EGR module joins various advances, for example, an EGR cooler, an EGR valve and a bypass into one minimized bundle.