EGR DELETES have been around as long as EGR systems have been put in place. BUT what if you need some more fuel mileage or you want to avoid some the horror stories down the road that an operational EGR system can cause? EGR DELETES can amazingly do things to counteract stuck valves, coolant problems or leaky cylinders can become a real money pit if not addressed.

One possible solution is to do an EGR Delete. Now some people simply unplug it. Then if they need their truck hooked up they plug it back in beforehand. It may still show it was not operating BUT it will show that it is NOW operational so you should be good.

Cummins isx egr delete 871 kit

EGR DELETES can also actually IMPROVE engine longevity. By removing that part of the system your engine actually runs cooler and more efficiently. So, you have better performance, longevity, engine runs cleaner and many more benefits.

There are many EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Delete Kits out there. So choose one within your budget and look for quality non-China parts if you want it to last.

Below is one of the better vdeos out there explaining some things if you plan on doing this EGR Delete. So before you go jumping and buying parts, be sure to watch this video to see what all it entails and whether or not it is right for you and your rig!

EGR Deletes can be as simple as unplugging the system or as involved as spending thousands of dollars at a reputable diesel engine shop. Don’t forget your ECU may also need new tuning to fully take advantage of your now EGR free truck!

If you need more in depth information heres a good place to start

Or if you need to repair or replace any part of your EGR System check out what we have here.